It’s never too late to learn something new!


I had attended ‘The Speakers’ Forum’ before few days and gave the speech on the same topic. I want to improve my public speaking. So, that was an ardent attempt to it. That was not my first attempt, although it seems to be the one!! Here’s the speech which I have made for it. –

‘Let me start by asking you a question, have you ever felt ashamed or embarrassed of your own past thoughts? If yes, then it’s good. You must have learnt something new in your life. You must have got mature in your life.

I would like to share something with you. I used to be a spoiled brat until last two years. I was not at all interested in studies. Almost everything except studies used to excite me. I was a below-average student, because that was not of my interest. My parents used to impel me for studying. I think that’s why I didn’t want to study. You can’t force someone to learn/study. If you really want to learn something thoroughly, you have to have an earnest desire to learn.

Now, I want to study further, I have a desperate desire to do an MBA in marketing-communication. It fascinates me a lot. But now it’s not so easy for me to get an admission in a top-notch college. I am facing difficulties to compete with my peers. Because they are superior to me. They have decent academic background. I feel insecure sometimes. I feel they are more deserving than me. But I have one precious thing with me which they might don’t have, a zest for learning, what I didn’t have learnt. I am going to become superior to them in the desire to learn something. I cant lose my hope and seat, I need to work hard to compete. I think there’s nothing like being late for learning something. I’ll fight till I die. I am sure I’ll get there one day. My heart says that.

I believe, life is all about learning, learning and then re-correcting your learning. Hence, how can you be late for doing something for what you’re born? I used to be a care-free person. But at that time too I was learning things unconsciously. I don’t have any remorse. We learn something new everyday, I think every moment. At this time too.

Let me give an example of my Idol, Steve Jobs. He was studying in the Reed college. It was a very expensive college and his parents’ almost all savings were being spent on his fees. But Steve was not interested in his course at all. So he decided to drop out of the compulsory classes and drop in to the calligraphy classes, which were very fascinating to him. He was not so certain about its practical application in his life. Although he learnt it. After ten years when he was designing first Macintosh computer, it all came back to him. It was the first computer with the beautiful typography. If he didn’t have learnt calligraphy, the personal computer might not have the wonderful typography that they do.

Hence, at the end every single tiniest thing that you have learnt in your life is going help you to add a feather to your cap. Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.’


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