If You Let Them Kill You- They Will

Why don’t people understand the reason why I’m fighting this for. However, I don’t want to waste my efforts to make them apprehend about my battle. Because at the end what counts is, whether you succeed or not! No one on this earth will ever be able to know about your pain, your desperation, your never-say-die attitude and how long you have been fighting for your dreams. No one, except yourself.


Fight for life

Therefore, I believe, that you should not try to make them understand about your persistence and perseverance to succeed. They don’t even know about it. You just can do one thing, is ignore them. Or let them say and believe what they want to. You have to have faith in your dreams and the abilities you have to achieve those dreams. Because, no single person on this earth can stop you from doing what you want to.

Today, I have got to tell myself, that this fight is not for proving them wrong, or for getting the fame and applause of the people around me. No! This fight is against myself, to prove it to myself, that why I was right. And to prove that I’m far from invincible. Else, why would I have travelled this long upstream journey just to show them the reality? I don’t care about theirs diluted reality. In the end, I must admit, that their criticism makes me more stronger and determined.

You’ve gotta want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe.


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