Why emotional people are most detached ones


Emotional people like to build a wall around to protect themselves from getting hurt.

What being a detached person really mean? If something doesn’t bother you much, why wouldn’t you’ve been really attached to it. I would like to mention the instance which made me understand the fact. Today, I was talking to one of my friends, who was happened to be a responsible citizen. As election is around the corner, I asked him about his preference for political party. “I just don’t care about elections, I’m not even going to vote this time, I’m really detached from this stuff”, he replied. I said, “you aren’t detached, instead you’re frustrated”.

Suddenly when I tried to delve deeper into the matter, I realised, what exactly impelled him to be detached. It was because somethings are making him upset. Today’s political scenario must be exasperating him. After all, there are people who aren’t so concern about who is making mendacious claims and who is going to be elected, but still they go and vote. They aren’t detached to the matter. Because it is not agitating them.
Finally I apprehended, that whether it be any sensitive matter of your family, friends or about your soul mate, if you find him detached, dig a little bit deeper into his heart. I’m sure you’ll find him emotional and compassionate.


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