No One Knows How Great I’m

I believe, no one on this earth really knows the true me. Sometimes I feel like a few people know me quite well. But then after mulling over it, I realised that no one knows me well.

They know me by my clothes, my look, my demeanor, my expressions and by other superficial idiosyncrasies. However, that’s not true me. No one had ever tried to understand my eternal soul. But why do they try to? Good question! Despite the fact that I always try to understand the innermost soul of the people around me. What is bothering them, why they tend to behave in any perticular way? and all. But I never tell them, because it isn’t going to make any difference.


I wondered, how many people around me really know me, and about how great I’m. Greatness in terms of being me, being compassionate and empathetic and not in terms of superiority. Yes, I believe my family know me very well. They know what I want and what my potential is. But then, it is their love for me. That’s why they trust me. But, deep inside, they are also apprehensive about me.

I know, their apprehensions about me are obvious. I haven’t proved myself yet. But I believe, that I know myself very well. I know, self-actualization is not enough, one needs to be successful in whatever he does. It’s a different matter that I don’t do anything just for the sake of being successful. I don’t want to become like someone else out there. I just want to do something meaningful. Because I know my worth. And some day all the people out there will also know it. And then, they’ll start appreciating me. So, people’s applause is not a reward for me at all. Because, I know how great I’m.


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