Indian Politicians- The pachyderms!


Can water cannons and tear gas shells restrain youth from protesting for the 23-year old girl, victim of a brutal gang-rape happened in Delhi? These will only increase the agitation among the youth. Government is appealing the people to protest peacefully. What an irony! The Government means to say that protest peacefully,so that it’ll not bother them. They are pachyderms, it’s not going to affect them a bit.


Nothing can be done about this reprehensible government. Impotent  Prime Minister cannot do anything. They talk shitty things about youth empowerment and if the youth militate against them, then they’ll hinder their voice by using tear gas shells and water cannons!


Shameless Sonia and her baby boy should address this youth, and try to appease their anger by taking appropriate and satiable actions. Some real actions! Hypocrisy should have some limits in our “Democratic” India.


This time I want Sonia Gandhi in front of the media instead of her puppets. What about you..?



Look at them and laugh!

What the hell this ‘Society’ is! I don’t care about Society because Society doesn’t care about me. This Society consists of bloody selfish people and hypocrites!

Human beings are born selfish. But one thing they can do is to be ‘Honest’! But today people didn’t even know what being Honest is! I think they have forgotten the way to be Honest. Today people try to belittle one another. They defame one another because they couldn’t stand or see the people with some superiority. They feel ‘Jealous’. They should not feel inferior, because they should be knowing about their own strengths.Their own uniqueness. Because God has made every single person as Unique as everyone!

The World recognizes the the one as Unique only when He, himself consider him as Unique. The world will recognize you later but first, You have to recognize yourself as a Unique One! And be proud of what you are. Doesn’t mater what the whole world think about you. Good or Bad!

Some people will try to slander you! They will be hindrance in your way to becoming the best of you. Sometimes they will criticize you just to satisfy their own Ego! Just because they are feeling inferior of your skills, of your abilities and of your ambitions, so they’ll try to disparage you. But You should not give a damn about those people. You should just look at them and laugh!